Over the Threshold

My feet didn’t go where He didn’t walk, my spirit didn’t do anything unless it was lead by Him, and my eyes stayed on the prize and didn’t look away.  I walked the path of His will, the path that Jeremiah 29:11 was written all over.  Hand and hand we walked, as He flooded me with His peace that passes all understanding, His love that is unconditional, His joy that’s explainable, and His strength that kept me strong through it all.  He placed doors of opportunity in front of me and opened them wide.  Every obstacle that got in my way, He helped me over.  I kept walking the path, until the road split into two.  One path stayed straight like the one I’ve been going and the other led up a hill with a door.  I knew God wanted me to take the path that went higher.  He wanted me to go through that door, the door that was a little different from the others.  This door was shorter, more narrow, and it was shut.  I knew that this was the next step, the next level, the door God had planned for me to open.  I knew this is where He was leading me to the whole time.  I stepped on the new path, walked to the door and knocked.  With a loud and clear voice, I said, “Lord, I’m ready!  I’m ready to go through the new door you’re placing in front of me!”  The door then cracked a little just enough for me to get a glimpse of what He had for me and who I was going to become.  Then a familiar presence of someone so great appeared next to me and smiled a smile so welcoming.  He opened the door the rest of the way and stepped through.  Then He reached out and grabbed my hand.  “If you are ready, come and step over the threshold.”  I took that step over, but I couldn’t go through.  Like something was holding me back.  As if the door was too small for me to fit, but it wasn’t.  “Lord, I can’t go through the door!”  I struggled, I shoved, I squeezed, I did everything I could to get through the door, to get to the deeper and higher place He was calling me to go.  “Why can’t I go through?”  I gave up and sat in the dirt.  He stepped back through the door and got in the dirt, my dirt, to sit next to me.  “You can’t fit through the door because of all that baggage you’re carrying.  You’re carrying baggage on your back, baggage on your shoulders, and baggage down by your feet.  This entry is much smaller, so you’re going to have to drop all the luggage to fit through.”  I looked at Him in complete confusion.  “What are you talking about, Lord?  I didn’t take anything with me because I knew you’d supply all my needs.”  He gave me a warm smile.  “My child, I’m not talking about the physical baggage.  You are still holding on to the things that can stunt your growth spiritually.  Still carrying things that can’t be carried anymore where I want to take you.  I’m calling you to a higher place, a deeper place with me.  A place where your gifts will be used like never before.  Where you’ll step into a ministry that will be fully driven by the holy spirit.  Where your relationship with me will have no limits, no box, no clock to check the time when you’re spending time with me.  A place where you will be engulfed by my fire and Holy Spirit like never before.  A place where you will encounter me and my glory more than you can ever perceive.  This place I want to bring you in, this person I’ve called you to become is more than you can ever imagine.  This next level, this higher level, this higher place, these deeper waters, this step over the threshold can’t happen if you don’t completely let go and surrender.  Because these things you’re holding on to don’t even fit through the door.”  He stood up, took my hands, and lifted me up.  “My child, what is it that you still hold on to?”  “Lord, I’ve surrendered everything to you already.”  “My love, you have surrendered a lot.  But I need you to open your eyes.  When you kneel before me and say firmly, ‘I surrender’, you question in your mind about those certain things.  You try to justify why you haven’t surrendered or why you can’t surrender it just yet.  You kneel before me, telling me how you’ve given me it all as you raise the white flag that says, “except this” “Except that”.  Those things, that thing is the very thing I need you to give to me and surrender to go where I want to take you.  Dig to your roots and get rid of and fix what doesn’t belong in your tree, those exact things that prick at your heart when your words form ‘I surrender’ and ‘I give you everything’.  It’s time to give me everything.  Everything you’re holding on to, everything that’s holding you back.  Everything that sits at your roots and waits, but wait, I’m here waiting for you to stop waiting to be ready but to become ready.  I’m not just calling you to a deeper, higher place, but a place of complete freedom.”  He starts walking back to the door and opens it.  “My child, other doors, other opportunities didn’t require you to examine, fix, and let go because they are not like this one, because this door I’m opening is not an opportunity, but a lifestyle.  A fresh start into something and someone greater.  You don’t have to step over the threshold, you can go back to the regular path.  Just know this is what I’m calling you for.  This is my plan, my will.  A higher place you’ve been striving to reach.  He walked through the door and turned around to grab my hand.  “Please do whatever it takes, let’s step over the threshold.  This is where I want to take you.”


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