Hail, King of the Jews

He fell to His knees.  Weak from the unbearable pain He was experiencing, He gasped for air between each hit to his body.  Surrounding, swarming, circling were the soldiers who spit, stabbed, speared, spiked, and spindled the man they clothed in purple, and crowned with a crown of thorns that punctured His skull.  “Hail, King of the Jews!”  They shouted, mocked, laughed at His face as they played a bloody game of tic tac toe on His back.  


Hail King Of The Jews


He crouched, under the weight of His cross, feeling the weight of the world more and more with each step.  Each agonizing, excruciating, torturous step towards Calvary.  The weight of every sin forcing the stress to be too much to handle, turning His sweat into blood which trickled down his body, blending in with the blood from other wounds.  The weight was so great that carrying the cross was no long possible.  He fell from the heaviness but he kept reminding himself, “This is all for them… this is all for them.”  


Hail King of the Jews


He hung on that cross, blood for tears dripping down his face to his chest, down his body to the cursed ground every time he tried lifting himself up to breath.  Instead breath was replaced by a cry from His lips, thanks to the nails that met wood through his hands and feet, being the only support to his beat, bruised, body, broken naked body, beaten a little before being breathless on that cross.  He finally managed to breath–in insults from us surrounding, staring, startled by the bloody bare man on the cross.  


Hail King Of the Jews


He finally managed to breathe–in sin.  The sin that we saturated the ground like soil and seed, encouraging it to soak up sun, water, and our lives. Blinded by our pride, we didn’t realize that we were letting these plants produce our oxygen.  Blinded by our flesh, we didn’t realize we breathed in sin.  Now He, perfect lamb, perfect man, without blemish, without flaw, without mistake, was breathing in our sin.  Jesus, who’s hands and feet dripped blood of our iniquity, staining the ground.  Who wore the painful crown of our burdens that weighed Him down on the cross.  He held the weight of the world, letting it weigh Him down on the cross, forcing the nails to grip his bones to keep him on the cross, just long enough for Him to say the short, but firm words, “It is finished.”  He then took His last breath under the label that hung above His head, “This is the king of the Jews”.  His last breath, as if this was the end of the story.  As if this was the end of his rescuing and healing.  As if it was the end of His love and comfort for us.  As if He lost.


But after death was proclaimed and three days went by, he stood up, He dusted death off because no grave could hold Him down.  He rolled the stone away because no stone could keep him in.  He began to proclaim the fulfillment of the prophecy because not even hell could stop Him.  HE has risen from the grave.


It wasn’t the end, but the beginning.  The beginning of a forgiveness so great it covered every sin and washed away all iniquity.  The beginning of a love story that continually goes on for eternity.  The beginning of a victory over Hell itself!  Yes, Hail, King of the Jews.  Hail, king who is creator of Heaven and Earth and over everything. Hail, the king who is all knowing and all understanding.  Hail, the King, who just at His whisper, chains break and fall.  Hail Mighty King who commands mountains to move and crumble.   Hail Creator Elohim who just at the mention of His name, demons run and flee.  Hail the King who will never fall off, get pushed off, or kicked off of His thrown.  Hail, King forever and ever and ever.  


Yes, Hail, King Jesus Christ.



Hello family!(:  Hope you enjoyed a Spoken Word God gave me a few weeks ago.  It is based on the very true and very powerful events Jesus encounter all for US!  He is so wonderful and maybe this opened your eyes to see how much He truly loves you!  Thanks for reading!


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