You Are Beautiful

You are beautiful,

Every inch and flaw of you,

He knitted you in the womb,

Beautiful you were going to be, yet He already knew.

You hide at times,

Ashamed of every flaw,

But God made you perfect,

He made your beauty so raw.

Like a face without make-up,

Raw and bare is your beauty,

You shine brighter than a star,

He smiles, “I made you so lovely.”

You are ashamed of your stretch marks,

But they mark the end of a pain so painful,

Either mentally or physically,

Like you, they are beautiful.

You are ashamed of your height,

You slouch in pain to not be so tall,

Yet, that’s apart of what makes you beautiful,

He purposely made you prettier than a barbie doll.

You are His princess,

Perfectly and wonderfully made,

You are beautiful,

True beauty will never fade.


Since school is starting back up for most people, I felt this poem was needed.  Today was my first day back to High School and it was like I woke up with a whole bunch of insecurities.  “My shorts made me look weird” and “My shirt was too big.”  But to come to find out, it was all stupid.  It was all a lie from the enemy, trying to ruin my first day.  We have to start learning, as creations of God, to wake up with a boldness like no other, a confidence of knowing who you are, and a beauty that only God can cover you with when you’re in love with Him.  If you lack any of these, no matter how old you are, ask your heavenly Father to help you realize you are the name God has placed on you.  Beautiful.

My friend, Mary, told me something long ago when I was complaining about how an area of my body is ugly.  She said, “You kept telling yourself a lie and now that’s all you see.”  Its true.  If we don’t like something about our body, we complain and say how ugly or bad it is until that’s all you see.  The lie, that you think is true, blinds you from the truth of how God made you.  It blinds you from the real truth that you are wonderfully and beautifully made.

I challenge you to just wake up and tell yourself you’re beautiful.  And you can even thank God on how great of a job He did on you, because He did a wonderful job.  I love you very much!


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  1. This is so good 🙂

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